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Reflexology Association of Ohio



The Reflexology Association of Ohio sponsored the 'Food and Hand Reading with Gentle Energy Techniques' Workshop by Sue Ricks Saturday-Sunday, April 18-19, 2015.

The workshop was held at Ohio State University in the Ohio Union in Columbus, Ohio.

Sue's presentation style and personality immediately made her class participants feel welcome and comfortable. The students were absolutely delighted with the learning experience with Sue.

Although time passed quickly, participants were able to learn and understand 'Foot and Hand Reading' and how to apply some Gentle Energy Techniques in their everyday life and practices. There were plenty of opportunities to work on each other and try the newly learned knowledge and techniques.

Participants were also provided with a link to download or print the class manuals to use as a reference and constant resource.

The RAO Board is pleased we could provide this most informative learning opportunity and confident the experience will enrich the lives of the participants and their clients.

A couple comments from participants:

"It was a wonderful experience. The workshop was very informative. Sue Ricks did great job. Thank you very much. Everyone from the board was very helpful."

"Everything was lovely! I really enjoyed everything about the experience - venue was gorgeous, and the training and the speaker were amazing.

I'm looking forward to future events with the RAO!"

Overall, we feel it was a wonderful event and those who were able to attend are happy to have been a part of it!

Your Reflexology Association of Ohio is working on another great education opportunity for 2016! Stay tuned!

If you are interested in Sue's educational books or material, please visit her website...